Term 2


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It has been a busy term!

Below is a collage of some of the work students have been doing in our Measurement unit for Maths throughout the term

Today I asked the students to reflect on what they enjoyed and learnt this term and I thought I’d share a few of those comments with you.

Thanks again for a great term, enjoy the holidays and we will see you in a couple of weeks!



Last Day of Term 2


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Just a reminder that tomorrow there is a casual day as an SRC fundraiser to support the RSPCA. Students voted to either come dressed in blue and White (RSCPCA colours) or in an animal theme. Students participating need to bring a gold coin donation. Otherwise come in school uniform as usual.

Don’t forget school finishes at 2.10 tomorrow.

Happy holidays!


Excursion Tomorrow


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Don’t forget tomorrow our class and room 18 are going to the Tower Arts centre for a short performance and drama workshop run by pre service teachers. Our session time is 10-12 so we will be getting organised and ready to leave just after 9.30. We will take our recess with us and return before lunch.

Hopefully the last few notes were returned at the end of last week. If your child hasn’t returned it, please bring it along tomorrow. If it has gone missing just write a quick permission on a piece of paper or in your child’s diary

Krista¬† ūüôā

LUTA – Lighting Up the Arts


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Everyone’s hard work will come to fruition next Thursday night for the Lighting Up The Arts performance at the Adelaide Town Hall. This is both the students and my first experience with LUTA and I know I am looking forward to seeing it all come together.

Thank you to everyone who has returned the note about the rehearsal next Thursday. Another note with all the finer details about what time to drop off students on the night, where to drop them off and pick them up etc will be sent home later this week.


Country Presentations


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Homework last week and this week has been  for students to prepare a speech/presentation about a country of interest. It has been great to hear about some of the countries students will be sharing about and I know some students are super organised and are already finished and ready.

Students will be presenting their speeches next week. We pulled names from a hat (well pop-sticks from a cup) to allocate each student to a day of the week.¬†Below is a copy of when students are presenting. If for any reason the day doesn’t suit please let me know and I will happily negotiate another day

Krista ūüôā

Team Work Tuesdays


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Bucket Tower Challenge

Students worked in teams to design and create a bucket tower.
They had 20 straws, 2 metres of tape, a plastic cup and one metre of string to create a load bearing tower. Their structure had to have a suspended bucket that was free-swinging and held weight.  At the end of the challenge we tested each bucket tower to see how many dice they would support before the cup touched the table or the structure collapsed


Pop-stick Catapults

Challenge: to work in teams to design and build a catapult that would launch a marshmallow.
Materials: popsticks, rubber bands, plastic spoons, hot glue, sticky tape
The next day we tested our catapults with a competition to see which group could launch a marshmallow the furthest. Each group had three shots and we recorded the best distance out of three. The winning group launched their marshmallow almost 4 metres
Another fun Team work Tuesday ( and Wednesday )

Balloon Powered Cars

We explored Sir Issaac Newton’s third Law of motion that states for every action, there is and equal and opposite reaction.
We did this by making balloon powered cars using cardboard, straws, bottle tops, skewers and of course balloons.
The action was the air rushing out of the balloon and straw,  the reaction was the car moving forward in the opposite direction.


Class Dojo


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Hi there,

On Friday, a note and password sheet went home with each child for the program ‘Class Dojo’.

Just¬† little bit more information for you on how this program will work for Room 17 this year…

-Students accumulate individual points throughout the year for positive classroom behaviours e.g. on task, reflective, helping others etc.

-Both teachers are linked to the one class, so parents can see which teacher has been giving the points on the day. You can also message both of us using the message function on Class Dojo as an alternative to email.

-Students can also receive reminders for negative classroom behaviours e.g. talking out of turn, off task etc.¬†This doesn’t take any points away from the students total, it will just show as a neutral 0. This means that it will look as though students are achieving 100% everyday, but if you see a neutral you know that the teacher has had to remind the student about that behaviour.

-At the end of each month, we will calculate the percentage positive and neutral to work out an overall percentage. Each student needs to try to achieve above 85% for the month to achieve a certificate and karate belt for their Avatar.

-Each month is a fresh start for percentages and working towards the next certificate and belt. Their points will keep accumulating though!

-We have discussed some class rewards that we are working towards with the combined total class points, Our first reward is at 1000 points and we are in the 800’s already!!

Hopefully that makes sense, sorry it is a lot of information. The students are all very excited to use this!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Please remember to sign the notes and send them in to us with you child this week.

Thanks, Meg and Krista

 Dojo point system-1zi6dhv

Term 2 Mrs Wright


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Please see below the Term 2 Overview for Thursdays and Fridays this term.

We’ve had a great start to the term and have settled into a routine for the two days.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thanks, Meg

Term 2 overview-2mks342

Book Fair & Digital Library


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Our Book Fair¬†will be happening in The library next week¬†– ¬†on¬†Monday and Tuesday of Week 5 – 28th & 29th May.¬† Book sales will be from 8am -6pm.¬† Our class¬†will have the opportunity to visit at the end of this week to preview what is for sale and compile a list of books they will come home and tell you they must have ūüôā

During this time the library will be unavailable for borrowing so this may be the perfect opportunity to explore our digital library. This is also a great service if you have overdues or are going away on an extended holiday. See the graphic  that outlines how to use this great platform.




Week 3


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  • Congratulations to our Year 3’s for trying your hardest and making it through the first day of NAPLAN, completing the language Conventions and Writing component. Tomorrow will be Reading and finally Numeracy on Thursday.
  • This week for spelling students have chosen their ten list words from incorrect words in previous tests or their writing books. ( or from the dictionary if they needed more options)
  • No Homework Bingo¬† this week. Students can focus on reading, spelling words or even accessing Studyladder
  • Thank you to those who have been sending in plastic bottle tops. Please keep sending them in if you have any as these will be used for some upcoming Team Work Tuesday Challenges
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