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The 2018 school year is now complete! I can’t believe how quickly it went.

I just wanted to thank everyone for your support this year, particularly as I came into the class part way through the year. It was really appreciated.

Thanks to all the students in Room 17 for a fantastic year and to Ms Gill for sharing her lovely class and classroom with me.

I feel very spoilt with Christmas messages and gifts. Thank you very much everyone!

Have a safe and relaxing holiday and Merry Christmas!!

Meg 🙂


A Huge Thank You


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As today was my last official day for the year. I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the fabulous students in Room 17 this Year. You were hard workers, team players, enthusiastic participants and made each and every day enjoyable. I will miss you all.

I also wanted to say a huge thank you to all the families for your help and support this year. The support you showed coming to Aquaintance night, interviews, student led conferences, following our blog, listening to reading, coming on excursions and camp, helping to prepare for Enterprise Day, as well as supporting your child with homework and the fantastic presentations they did throughout the year. It was wonderful to see them grow with confidence and improve each time.

Finally A big thank you for the kind words and amazing gifts and cards I have received. Thank you for being so generous. It’s certainly not expected but please know very much appreciated and a lovely surprise.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas. Enjoy the holidays with family and friends and I will see you at CLGPS next year.

Krista 😀

End of Year Early Dismissal Reminder


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In term 3 the Governing Council approved an earlier closure in term 4 only of 1:00pm rather than the regular end of term finish at 2:10pm. This change was announced in the 9th of August 2018 newsletter and has been referred to on calendars since.

 1:00pm is when students would normally start eating their lunch. As I am sure you can appreciate the last day of the year is not the most productive and so rather than coming back to class for 20 minutes after lunch, we will end the 2018 school year at lunchtime after students return to class after our final whole school assembly.

As reported previously arrangements were put in place for OSHC will begin as soon as school is dismissed. Bookings however are limited

End of Term


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To help students bring home all their belonging ( books, pencil cases, art work etc) from the class and ensure their school bags aren’t overflowing please bring along a plastic bag tomorrow, Thursday or  Friday😀

Oh What a night!


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Congratulations Room 17 on your fantastic effort at the School Concert. Just a couple of photos from before we hit the stage 🙂




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Well done to all the students on their fantastic effort with their Biome Dioramas! We received lots of positive feedback about them from other staff members and students. I was very impressed with the level of detail that students put into both the presentation and information.

Thanks to Room 16 for coming along and giving us some written feedback on these. Students will receive their teacher feedback this week and can take them home.

I have taken some photos to share with you. Unfortunately some students were away and therefore unable to have their photo taken with theirs.

Meg 🙂


Concert Adjustments for tonight


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Staff met this morning and have decided upon the following adjustments to ensure student safety and wellbeing due to the projected high temperature.

  1.  The concert start will be delayed until7:00pm, with the pre-concert items now starting at 6:30pm
  2.  Therefore children now need to report to their classrooms at 6:45pm
  3.  Teachers will limit the time the students will be outside watching items, spending 10 to 15 minutes in their air-conditioned rooms prior to their performance and another 10 to 15 minutes afterwards before coming to watch some other performances
  4.  We will maximise the use of any shade if we can still view the performances
  5.  Parents may choose to collect their child and leave to go home after your child performs, however you will need to do so from the classroom once the students leave the stage
  6.  We ask that you do not collect your child while they are sitting on the grass when other classes are performing
  7.  Teachers will continue to monitor their students during the night and younger students in particular may spend less time outside than the older students
  8.  All classes will be on the oval watching the final acts
  9.  We have hired 2 mist fans to help with the heat
  10. We understand that parents and caregivers know their children the best,so if these adjustments do not meet your needs please don’t come to the concert

Concert Update


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School Concert Update

The weather forecast for tomorrow is for a maximum of 39 degrees. This is unfortunate, however logistically it is not possible to reschedule the concert to another time due to the availability of the many others who provide the necessary equipment and food options. This date is booked with these providers many months in advance. Our suppliers have other commitments to honour on Friday or next week. We either need to go ahead with some modifications or cancel it completely. We have spent too much time and effort to consider cancelling. As the concert does not start until 6:30pm, we anticipate that it will be a little cooler by this time.

As a school we will ensure that our students are not sitting in the direct sunlight for the whole 90 minutes. Staff are meeting before school tomorrow to consider measures and put plans in place to protect our students and staff. We will completely understand if some families and the elderly choose not to attend. Any parents, relatives and caregivers need to make sure they come prepared to sit on the oval and also protect themselves. We are fortunate that it is on the oval as some families may choose to erect some sun shade protection at the very back or side where they will still see and hear the concert. So in short, we will ensure we look after the students and we ask those attending to take every measure to look after themselves, even if this means not coming

Rick Bennallack



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Students Will be coming home with their printed t-shirt either today or tomorrow. Please keep in mind I am not a professional (tshirt printer lol )and Some colours and t-shirts worked better than others. Hopefully students are happy and they will at least look effective for the concert. Thank you again for providing tops.

On Thursday Night Students will need to come to school in their costumes and meet Mrs Wright in the class room by 6.15 at the very lastest . I imagine Mrs Wright will be there just after 6.  A bell will sound just before to remind any one still out on the oval to  head to their classroom. The class will then head out together to sit as a class in front of the stage ready for the concert to start at 6.30.

I will be coming along to the concert to support however Mrs Wright will be the teacher in chargeas I will have to bring my children with me.

At the end of the show Concert Students can be collected from over by the Scout Hall. Mrs Wright will have a sign off sheet when you collect  them.

Krista 🙂


Biome update


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Our Biomes are really coming together now! Students are putting in lots of effort and they are looking great!

With a few extra events happening this week, we haven’t had as much time as anticipated to work on the dioramas. Some students are finished but we won’t all be ready for presenting tomorrow as initially hoped.

So let’s lock in next Thursday morning (6th Dec) straight after the bell, students will set up their biomes in the classroom for their peers and any parents/family that are free to pop in and have a look. I will then collect them to mark.

My last lesson with the class on this is tomorrow (double lesson allocated). Ms Gill may have a little bit of extra time on mon-wed next week for students to add any finishing touches.

Thanks for your support with bringing in some extra things from home for students to use. Hope to see some of you next Thursday morning,


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