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The preparations are complete and we are all ready for Enterprise Day tomorrow.

Once again thank you for all the generous donations of ingredients and platters to use.

Today we were able to make all of our sweets and finish off our stress balls and bracelets. A huge thank you to Christine and Linda for your help today making sweets in our crazy classroom.

Hopefully every family has an Enterprise Day booklet, if not the photos below show all the information

We look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow. Our stall will be located between Langley Hall and the big shady tree. Come and visit and buy a sweet treat or a stress ball, they might come in handy for the upcoming school holidays lol  😉😂

Krista 😊


Board Games on Friday


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For the last day of school on Friday, we are going to have a board game afternoon just before lunch!

If the students could please bring in any board or card games they enjoy, to play with others in the class. I have a couple that I will bring in also.

*Please no electronic games*

Ms Gill mentioned this to the students today and I just thought I’d post on here in case the message isn’t passed on in the hustle and bustle of Enterprise Day.

Thanks, Meg


Week 11 Animal Presentations


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Thank you to the students who started off the week and did their animal presentations today. Sharks, frogs, horses, tigers, pandas oh my! :-). Mrs Wright and I  look forward to hearing more throughout the week. Due to presentations there is no other set Homework this week to allow students time to finish off and practice. Of course there are things they can do such as reading, practicing their spelling word s they will bring their fridge list home tomorrow. Apologies time got away from us today) or Studyladder.

Krista 🙂

Enterprise Day Donations


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Thank you very much to everyone who was able to make donations towards our sweet stall and stress balls. It is greatly appreciated.

I think we have enough now to make a good supply of products to sell. The only other thing that would come in handy now are some plastic trays/platters to put all our sweets on.

If you have any  platters that we could use please write your name on them and send them in tomorrow. I will ensure they are washed and returned back to you after Enterprise Day.

Thank you 🙂

Hi from Mrs Wright


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Hello! I am the new teacher on Thursday’s and Friday’s in Room 17. I have enjoyed my first two days in the classroom, getting to know each of the students. It has also been great to meet a few of the parents and other relatives at drop off time. If you have a chance, please pop in and say hi.

A little bit about me…

I started teaching at CLGPS in 2016 and taught Yr 6/7’s. Last year I only taught my Yr 3/4 class for a term before I went on maternity leave. I now have an 11 month old son, named Jensen. Before CLGPS I worked at a primary school in a small country town near Roxby Downs called Andamooka. I taught there for 4 years, in multi-age classes from Years 2-6.

I am looking forward to the year ahead, working with both Ms Gill and all the students.

If you need to contact me, my email address is meghann.jolly996@schools.sa.edu.au

Kind regards,

Meg Wright

Enterprise Day


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Enterprise Day is fast approaching on Wednesday Week 11. Room 17 will be having a craft and sweet stall. For our craft stall we will be making and selling a variety of things including stress balls.  We had a practice today using balloons and flour. Apologies if your child came home covered in flour 🙂

For our sweet stall students have decided we should make and sell Jelly, smiley face biscuits, and teacup biscuits.


In order to make these treats we are in need of donations

smiley biscuits –  packets of arrowroot biscuits,  lolly snakes, bananas, freckles, smarties, icing sugar and food colouring

Jelly – plastic cups, jelly crystals

Teacup biscuits – Tic-Toc biscuits, marshmallows, freckles, white chocolate and musk lollies/lifesavers

Any plastic platters or trays that we can put our finished products  on, would also be great also. Of course they will  be washed and returned to you.

Finally, if you are available next Tuesday between recess and lunch and are DCSI and RAN trained I would love some parent help. While we have picked simple treats that don’t require cooking an extra pair of hands would be great.

Krista 🙂

Mrs Matthews


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Just an update to let families know this was going to be Mrs Matthews last week with our class.

As you know she is expecting a baby and was going to finish up at the end of this week as her due date nears closer. However Mrs Matthews let us know today that after a Drs appointment her bub may be ready to arrive sooner than expected so she has been advised to stop work and rest. Mrs Matthews is disappointed to miss her last day with the students but asked me to say thank you for a great term.

There will be a relief teacher in on Thursday and then next week Mrs Meg Wright will be returning from maternity leave to take the class on Thursdays and Fridays for the remainder of the year.

If students have cards, messages or anything they would like to give Mrs Matthews i can arrange to get it to her

Krista 😊




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I hope everyone is now well rested and has recovered from Camp. While exhausted I had a great time and I hope the students did too.

I know for many students this was their first camp and to go straight into a two night camp was a big challenge. I was very impressed with the way they got involved in activities, the independence they showed and the way all three classes interacted with one another. A huge thank you to our fantastic parent helpers and to Arbury Park for having us all.

Once I have the opportunity to check with Mr Norman & Ms Athanasos about any students who can’t be on the blog I will upload the photos I took.


Parent Teacher Interviews


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Thanks to the families who have made a booking to see us for Parent Teacher Interviews. Suzy and I look forward to seeing many of you this week.

The Online booking system has closed however if you haven’t booked a time feel free to come and see us as there are still times available. If it is not possible this week  I am sure we can arrange an alternate time in the coming weeks.

We are looking forward to sharing information about your child’s learning and how things are going for them so far this year. I intend these interviews to be between parents and teacher but your child is welcome to sit in on the interview if you’d like.

Just a reminder If you have booked a time on Monday or Tuesday you will be meeting with me (Krista). On Wednesday you will also see me and possibly Suzy.  If you book a time on Thursday you will meet with Suzy.

Krista 🙂




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Yay!!!!!! It’s camp time!!!! ( well in one more sleep) I better start packing.😊

Just a reminder to bring/wear closed in shoes/sneakers even on the first day, as the bus will drop us at Bridgewater Oval and we will be walking into camp ( dont worry the bus will take all our luggage☺)

No need to bring a packed lunch with you as morning tea and then lunch will be provided once we get to Arbury Park.

Any other questions feel free to send me an email and I will get straight back to you.

See all you happy campers tomorrow morning.

Krista 😊

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